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Metal detectors

Detecting metals underground requires devices with advanced techniques with different search systems that suit all metal targets, whether they are archaeological treasures or metal pieces and these devices are metal detectors

Some of these devices are designed to detect specific metals, such as gold, and some can detect a wide range of metals

Metal detectors

Metal detectors play an essential role in daily life to the point that they have become essential in many industries, especially for security agencies to combat crimes, as well as for treasure-hunting and prospecting institutions These devices have undergone continuous development since their invention, and this has made them used in many fields

How metal detectors work?

How metal detectors work is not known to many, even some professionals There are scientific principles on which these devices are based The most prominent of which is that metal has magnetic properties that differ from the parts of the soil surrounding it

These devices rely on electrical current in a wire coil present in the device, which produces an electromagnetic field that spreads over a wide range in the soil

When a metal object is present, it causes noticeable changes in the magnetic field lines, causing many electrical signals to appear, and the device recognizes them and issues signals indicating the presence of the metal

There are also some devices used in metal detection that can determine the depth of a piece of metal in the ground The depth is displayed on the device's digital screen to help extract the piece very easily

Metal detector components

The metal detector consists of four main parts

The control box, which is the main part of the device that contains the battery and control keys of the device, and also contains the processor, screen, and internal speakers of the device

The search coil, which is the lower part of the device that the prospector moves on the surface of the ground The search coil contains some electrical wires that produce magnetic fields to detect metals in the ground

Device stabilizer, this part of the device works to stabilize and balance the device during the search process

The shaft, which is the axis of the metal detector and other parts are connected to it Its length can be easily adjusted according to the user’s preference

Metal detectors for gold

Metal detectors for gold are a type of metal detectors, but they are more specialized and are used to detect gold only These devices are designed with technologies that exclude all other metals from the search process so that the device recognizes only gold

Gold detectors are considered the ideal solution for many archaeologists and gold prospectors

Best metal detectors

There are many metal detectors, some of which are designed specifically for beginners, and these devices are often low-cost and less accurate, and some are high-precision devices with modern technologies suitable for the work of professionals in prospecting for metals and treasures buried in the ground

There are many metal detectors you can use, whether on beaches to detect metals and coins or in excavations and searching for lost antiquities and treasures

One of the most important of these devices is the Gold monster 1000 device, which is designed with the latest metal detection technologies This device can detect metals at long depths in the Earth's interior

Uses of metal detectors

Metal detectors can be used in many areas such as

Archeology metal detectors play a major role in discovering ancient metal pieces buried underground

Industry these devices are used in many industries such as mining and plastics manufacturing

Security metal detectors have been included in the security field especially in airports, metro and railway stations and shopping malls to maintain the security and safety of customers

Hobby Many people prefer to use metal detectors in practicing hobbies such as searching for coins and combing beaches

common questions

How metal detectors work?

When you turn on a metal detector, an electrical current passes through the search coil located at the bottom of the device This results in a group of magnetic flux lines, and these lines move towards the ground where the metals are being searched

When there are metal pieces, the lines of magnetic flux are intercepted by this metal, and there is a receiving coil in the device that receives these lines and converts them into audio signals to alert of the presence of metal in this place

What is the best type of metal detector?

When you think about metal detection, of course you will need to know the best metal detectors, so that you can purchase them and begin your exciting adventures and enjoy discovering metals underground

Only you can decide which metal detector is best If you are a beginner, you must choose an easy-to-use, low-cost device, while if you are a professional with extensive experience in the field of metal detection, you must need a device designed with advanced technologies to detect metals at long depths

What will metal detectors detect?

Metal detectors can detect many types of metals such as iron, nickel, and cobalt, as well as precious metals such as gold, but there are some metals that the metal detector finds difficult to detect, such as stainless steel and titanium, because their conductive capacity is very small

Will a metal detectors find gold?

Metal detectors can find gold very easily Some devices are even made to detect gold only and cannot detect any other metals

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